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Neuro Spinal Hospital has the finest experienced doctors and conveys the best cancer surgeon Dubai. The hospital has various departments dedicated to specialized medical branches to provide specialized results. Neuro Spinal Hospital Dubai is proud to serve cancer patients and help them relive the moments of their lives. The oncologists are passionate about their responsibility and support every cancer patient. Hence, Neuro Spinal Hospital has to turn out to be the best cancer Center Dubai.

The center is led by Dr. Sadir Alrawi. Dr. Alrawi is presently the Senior Consultant of Surgical and oncology Services at Neuro Spinal Hospital in the Heart of Dubai and its tertiary referral cancer center for all of UAE, hosting highly specialized Surgical Oncology subspecialties and has the Best Cancer Surgeon including Colorectal, Breast Oncology, Head & Neck Surgery, Urology, Gynecological Oncology, Sarcoma/ Melanoma, and Peritoneal surface malignancy, in addition to Pancreatic and Hepatic surgery.

Dr. Alrawi is the best oncology surgeon in further departments as well as in the entire MENA region. His major interest is in Gastrointestinal Oncology, including Esophageal, Gastric, Pancreas, Liver, and colon surgery with a special interest in Endocrine Surgery including thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal. We have the latest advancements and treatments using minimally invasive prostate surgery. 

Our Facilities

NEURO SPINAL HOSPITAL, the Best Cancer center in Dubai has the latest technologies and the best surgeons you can rely on. The hospital has vast medical services and various treatments to treat cancer and give the patient a new life. The cancer care specialties are totally designed with the latest machines and technological aspects that can help in conventional treatment. The team of surgeons is tremendously efficient in handling complex cases.

The center has various departments such as a breast oncology center, parathyroid center, hemorrhoid surgery center, anal fistula surgery center, etc. Our years of experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities have led to great results and helped customers.

We bring the best cancer center providing facilities in each sector with the best doctors on board every time. The surgeons here are supportive, highly qualified, and committed to their duties, and perform many surgeries with successful results. They are the ones you can always rely on, there are only advantages of getting treated by our expert surgeon team.


Surgical Oncology, Upper GI Task Force Surgeon, Head and Neck Oncology, Minimal Invasive Oncology, Breast Oncology, and Colorectal Oncology. At Neuro Spinal Hospital we have an expert surgical team always ready to perform their duty with responsibilities. The doctors here understand and advise you on the correct treatment and provide you with cost-effective results.

Why Us

NEURO SPINAL HOSPITAL team has the Best Cancer Surgeon in Dubai and has a dedicated team of surgeons that provide patients with a wide range of treatments after a complete and accurate analysis of patients, and thus provide the best result that suits their patients. 

The surgeons here are-

  • Kind, supportive, and bright 
  • Highly qualified and committed to their duties 
  • Have performed many surgeries with successful results
  • Eager mind, physical and manual skills for performing an operation 
  • Wide experience in preoperative and postoperative care
  • Each one of our surgeons is loyal and passionate about the care and responsibility
  • The team of surgeons is extremely efficient in handling complex cases
  • They are the ones you can always rely on
  • Good knowledge for correct diagnosis of a patient’s condition.

The center has many departments like the breast oncology center, parathyroid center, hemorrhoid surgery center, anal fistula surgery center, etc.

MD Consultant Surgical Oncology and Head & Neck

MD Consultant Surgical Oncology and Head & Neck

Our Service

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Radiation Oncology Centre

03:46 02 Mar 21
The whole is a sum of its parts. And while I know the doctors are good, their support staff are either over-worked or simply do not care. Either way it translates into a lack of service that is typical of medical facilities in Dubai. This is just another hospital like any other - nothing special here.
13:51 18 Dec 19
I recently had a surgery under Dr. Sadir because of a recommendation. And I must say from check ups till end of surgery, he remained calm which is actually helpful to the patient. Keeps the patient hopeful and less worried. Kudos also to the staff nurses who played a big role in patient care. Thank you!
Ronak PandeyRonak Pandey
10:46 07 May 19
The treatment that I receive from this hospital is amazing as it helps me to heal faster. The staff is highly cooperative and one of the leading hospital that has the world’s best doctors.
naser albeernaser albeer
09:29 14 Apr 19
It was a great experience, the staff was wonderful the medical care was amazing i had the same surgery before but in a different place , the results were not as good as now . It is a great experience I recommend anyone who would do this surgery I strongly recommend this hospital
Mohammed AlhasnawiMohammed Alhasnawi
08:36 14 Jun 18
I got excellent care from Dr Sadir and his team Dr Thamir Dr Ahmed and Dr OmahaThey are very kind people professionalI wish them the bestThanks for people save my life


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